Our participation at SCIRES2019


Martina Dragičević, Željko Rapljenović, and Dr. David Rivas Góngora have participated in the Solid-State Science and Research meeting (SCIRES2019) held at the Faculty of Science of Uni. of Zagreb from 29 to 30 of June 2019.Martina Dragičević contributed with a poster titled Possible signatures of ferroelectricity in antiferromagnetically ordered zig.zagž spin chain and Željko Rapljenović gave an oral presentation called Crossing the Sawyer-Tower bridge-Femtofarads and multiferroics. Both contributions are part of the instrumentation and results stemmed out from the studies on multiferroic beta-TeVO4 samples.

David Rivas Góngora has also participated in SCIRES2019 with the talk Dielectric and magnetic relaxation of single-crystal hexaferrite Ba0.3Pb0.7Fe12O19. All the studies mentioned above are part of the project HrZZ- IP-2018-01-2730 supported by the Croatian Science Foundation.